Good Candidates for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Good Candidate For Gastric Bypass Surgery:

Weight loss surgery is a last resort in trying to beat excess fat. Gastric bypass procedures are surgical and carry risks. Before being considered for surgery, doctors will need to be sure you have tried every non-surgical weight loss method available to you and are seeking obesity surgery as a final solution.

Gastric bypass surgery will not on its own ensure maintainable weight loss. Patients must follow a healthy balanced diet–both before and after surgery. Eating too many sugary foods or eating too often or too quickly can not only lead patients to regain some of the weight lost immediately after surgery, but can also lead to complications.

Who is Eligible For Gastric Bypass Surgery?

To be eligible for gastric bypass surgery, you must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above. Patients with a lower BMI are not classed as medically obese and will be advised to lose weight by using non-surgical methods.

Both before and after surgery, you will be expected to follow nutritional and exercise advice to ensure your body is prepared for and can recover from surgery. Weight loss surgeons will check that you are committed to following a healthy lifestyle before operating.

The general health of patients opting for weight loss surgery is important. You will be screened before for any existing conditions which may affect the surgery or its results.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for gastric bypass surgery and your doctor will be able to advise you more on whether gastric bypass surgery is the best option for you.

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