Malabsorptive Element Method of Gastric Bypass

Weight loss surgery is based on two methods: the restrictive element of weight loss surgery and the malabsorptive element.

Combined, these methods slow down digestion and limit the amount of calories that can be consumed. 

Malabsorptive Element of Gastric Bypass

When food is digested it moves from the stomach, through the small intestine and into the large intestine. Food mixes with digestive fluids produced in the pancreas and gallbladder and is broken down gradually in a slow digestive process.

As food is broken down the body absorbs nutrients and calories. 

The malabsorptive element of gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries limits the journey of food from the stomach to large intestine.

By food reaching the large intestine quicker, the body has less time to absorb calories from food and fewer digestive juices mix with food, again limiting the number of calories absorbed. 

Malabsoption of food is an effective weight loss solution and results in rapid weight loss, however there are side effects that can occur as not only are the amount of calories absorbed reduced, the body is able to absorb fewer nutrients from food which can lead to nutritional deficiencies post surgery.  

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