Preparing for Gastric Bypass surgery

How to Prepare for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Any surgical procedure can be traumatic for patients; and it is important that patients follow doctors’ advice thoroughly in preparation for surgery. Each gastric bypass patient is unique and will be advised on the preparation they need to take by their surgeon.

Common preparation for gastric bypass surgery involves following a healthy balanced diet beforehand to prepare the body for the extreme weight loss which will follow.

It is important that your body is nutritionally balanced, before the surgery to lower the risk of nutritional deficits after.

It is also important to begin a light exercise regime before gastric bypass surgery to ensure an exercise program post-surgery is easy to follow.

Increasing the amount of activity each week –  a 30 minute walk, a 15 minute swim or a guided workout with a trainer – will make it easier for patients to embark on exercise regimes after surgery.

Blood tests and other tests such as checks of the patients’ heart and organs will be carried out by the weight loss clinic in Mexico to ensure patients suitability for surgery.

On the day of gastric bypass surgery, the stomach must be empty. Patients are not able to eat or drink beforehand.
Doctors may advise patients to consult a psychologist to prepare them for the emotional effects of surgery.

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