Recovery from Gastric Bypass surgery

After gastric bypass surgery, you will need a few days to recover. It may also be several weeks or months before you can resume normal activities, depending on your health condition prior to surgery. 

Right After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Immediately after surgery, your body needs time to recover. Approximately four to six hours after gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, patients are advised to get out of bed for short period of time to prevent blood clots from forming in the legs.

Patients usually have a catheter (a small tube attached to the patient’s balder) used to collect urine. The tube remains in place for 24 hours following the surgery—and can be a source of discomfort.

For the first two-three days following surgery you will be advised to rest to allow the stomach to begin to heal properly. You will not be allowed to eat for two-three days after the procedure in order to allow your stomach to complete the initial healing process.

Back at Home

Generally, gastric bypass patients are able to leave hospital within 5 days of the surgery and can begin eating puréed food as well as being able to engage in light exercise.

You will be placed on a clear liquid diet and will gradually increase your food intake using a specific post-surgery gastric bypass diet plan.

Eating too much food at one time, or eating too quickly will cause feelings of discomfort and can induce nausea as your stomach is so significantly smaller than before.

Eating in excess following surgery can cause gastric dumping syndrome, a common complication after gastric bypass surgery. Your stomach will be swollen and tender for a couple of days after surgery and pain medication will be given to stop any pain.

If your weight loss surgeon has used a small tube in the side of your abdomen to drain fluid from your stomach, this will be removed a couple of days after surgery.

The incisions in your abdomen are small because surgeons use the laparoscopic technique for surgery. As a result, there will be little scaring and the cuts will heal quickly.

Final Results of Gastric Bypass

In the initial months following your procedure, you will experience rapid weight loss. The speed of this weight loss can produce side effects such as tiredness, aching and flu-like symptoms.

Gastric bypass surgery can have psychological as well as physical effects on patients. You may feel tired, irritable and generally run down as you adjust to the physical and lifestyle changes after gastric bypass procedure and it may be advisable for you to consult a psychologist to tackle the emotional challenges of the surgery.

You can expect to see the results of surgery and start enjoying the benefits of your new healthier body completely within 6 months.

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