Risks of Gastric Bypass surgery

Gastric bypass Roux-en Y surgery is a procedure that makes the stomach smaller and reconnects the stomach to the intestine at a different position.

Although this method of weight loss surgery is performed laparoscopically; it is an invasive surgery that carries risks.

While the surgical risks of gastric bypass surgery are low, patients should discuss any possible complications with their surgeon before proceeding with the weight loss operation.

Possible surgical risks include blood clotting, hemorrhage, blockages in the stomach and inflammation of the stomach lining.

Common Surgical Risks

  • Excessive bleeding can occur during surgery
  • Blood clots – The risk of clotting is increased for gastric bypass surgery as blood clots are more likely to occur in overweight patients
  • Infection – the risk of infection from gastric bypass surgery is low as bariatric surgeons use the laparoscopic(camera)approach.
  • Reactions to anesthesia

Complications Concerning Post Gastric Bypass Surgery

A common complication following gastric bypass surgery is dumping syndrome. “Dumping” happens when food, especially sugary or fatty food, moves too quickly through the stomach.

Hair loss after surgery

Patients may suffer from nutritional deficiencies due to the malabsorption technique of gastric bypass surgery.  If the body is missing nutrients, the available vitamins and minerals are redirected to vital organs and away from areas such as hair follicles.

If the hair follicles do not receive the right nutrients, hair loss is likely to occur after gastric bypass surgery. Weight loss surgeons will advice a list of vitamin supplements to take post-surgery to prevent nutritional deficiencies occurring.

Doctors can advise on ways to prevent or reduce the complications and risks linked to gastric bypass surgery and can offer advice and support to anyone who does experience side-effects.

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