Gastric Bypass Surgery Defined

Gastric bypass surgery is the preferred surgical option for patients looking for obesity solutions. Gastric bypass surgery offers a long-term solution to weight loss.

Gastric bypass patients who follow doctors guidelines for post-surgery diet and fitness plans find that this method of bariatric surgery provides a permanent solution to maintaining a healthy weight.

How Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Work? 

There are two parts to a gastric bypass surgery offered in Mexico. The first makes the stomach smaller (restrictive weight loss surgery method); the second makes the bowel shorter (malabsorptive weight loss surgery method).

Together, the bariatric techniques of shortening of the intestine and reducing the size of the stomach work to aid rapid weight loss initially following surgery, and a maintainable lower body weight long term.

Results of Gastric Bypass Surgery

As well as loosing excess weight initially, this surgical weight loss option makes it easy to maintain a lower body weight. As a result of lowering body fat, health problems associated with obesity are reduced significantly.

If you suffer from tiredness, low self esteem, heart and breathing problems, diabetes and many more illnesses resulting from excess weight, gastric bypass surgery could be the solution you have been looking for.

90 percent of patients who have gastric bypass surgery achieve their weight loss goal and are happy with the results. Gastric bypass surgery can help patients loose up to 80 percent of excess weight. 

Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass Roux-en Y is often considered the safest, most effective surgical option for treating obesity. Not only does it produce quick results that are sustainable, the main benefits of gastric bypass surgery are patients can resume their daily lives in a short period following surgery.

Because the gastric bypass is performed as a laparoscopic procedure, patients recover quickly after surgery. Patients are advised to resume light activities – walking, household chores, etc – within a week of surgery. This procedure means you can start living the life you want in no time at all.

Gastric bypass patients find that the weight loss post surgery is initially rapid and then slows, continuing over a 12 -18 month period. This weight loss is maintainable by following correct dietary guidelines and may result in up to 80 percent loss of excess weight. Read more on the benefitis of gastric bypass surgery


All surgeries pose small risks and gastric bypass surgery is no exception. Normal surgical complications such as infection and blood clotting can occur and patients should also be aware of post-surgery risks specific to gastric bypass surgery.

Post-gastric bypass surgery complications can include dumping syndrome, nutritional deficiencies and surgical complications linked to the technique of the surgery. 

The surgery may sound complicated yet every year thousands of people opt for this surgical option as treatment for obesity that no diets can solve. Gastric bypass Roux-en Y is the preferred surgical option for weight loss worldwide.

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