Can I eat normally after weight loss surgery?

Patients who undergo gastric bypass weight loss surgery must be committed to a lifestyle change and a change to dietary habits after surgery to maintain weight loss and prevent dumping syndrome.

Immediately after surgery, patients will be placed on a post-gastric bypass surgery liquid diet supplemented with additional nutrients.

After a couple of weeks when the stomach has adjusted to its new size, patients can eat normal food in reduced quantities but should avoid excess sugar and fatty foods to reduce the risk of dumping syndrome.

To help your body adjust it is important that you separate eating and drinking. Drinking while you eat will allow you to eat more than you need as the liquid makes it easier for food to drain through the stomach. You should always stop drinking 15 minutes before a meal.

A post-surgery diet should be rich in protein and vegetables and should contain no more than 15% carbohydrates.

Post surgery diet

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