What are the risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

With every surgery, risks of infection and reactions to anaesthetic apply.The following are surgical risks specific to Gastric Bypass Roux-En Y:

  • The opening between the stomach and the small intestine may narrow making it difficult to eat properly
  • Gallstones can be caused by rapid weight loss
  • Your stomach lining may become inflamed
  • You may experience vomiting as a result of the surgery or as a result of eating more food than your body can handle in the weeks after surgery.
  • Leaking of fluids between the stitches inside stomach is rare but is a complication that can occur

A common complication following gastric bypass surgery is “Dumping Syndrome,” and nutritional deficiencies are a complication. Hair loss caused by nutritional deficiencies is experienced by some patients post-gastric bypass

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