Why have Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico?

Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is an affordable option for patients seeking weight loss surgery who are unable to afford treatment in their home country.

Gastric bypass surgery can cost as much as $25,000 USD in the United States and many health insurance policies do not cover patients for weight loss surgery. Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is up to 50% cheaper than the United States.

Weight loss surgeons in Mexico are highly qualified, with many having trained abroad. The cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico is cheaper because of the lower operating costs for running a surgical clinic.

Gastric bypass patients in Mexico receive the same standards of care as gastric bypass patients in the US and many weight loss clinics in Mexico are internationally accredited.

If patients are considering Gastric Bypass Roux-en Y surgery as a solution to obesity but are prohibited by the cost of weight loss surgery, the reduced cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico could provide the solution.

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