Will I need plastic surgery after weight loss surgery?

For many patients, the reasons for undergoing weight loss surgery such as Gastric Bypass Roux-EnY include self-image as well as health.

Weight loss will make patients look and feel better about themselves but when a patient looses an excessive amount of weight, often they are left with loose, sagging skin. As people gain weight, the skin stretches. This excess skin does not shrink after weight loss and even with exercise it is not possible to drastically improve the appearance of loose skin.

Plastic surgery after weight loss surgery is an option for most patients. Plastic surgeons can remove and tighten loose abdominal skin with a ‘tummy-tuck’, remove excess skin from arms and improve the appearance of the lower half of the body with a body lift procedure.

Post-gastric bypass surgery patients often choose facelift/neck lift surgery to tighten skin and make their appearance younger to match their new body.

For men, weight loss surgery can leave them with sagging skin or muscle in the chest region. A male breast reduction or pectoral implants can help sculpt a masculine figure. Women often choose cosmetic breast surgery procedures to lift breasts after extreme weight loss.

Patients can discuss with their bariatric surgeon before weight loss surgery any concerns about the results of weight loss surgery and are able to consult a plastic surgeon for cosmetic procedures to enhance the weight loss results 4-6 weeks post-surgery when the body has adjusted and begun to recover from the gastric bypass. 

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